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Yuejia Sports Gear Co., Ltd

Yuejia Sports Gear Co., Ltd

General Info

Yuejia Sports Gear Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of outdoor sports gear located in Dongguan city in South China. Established in 2012, our team has sound experience with a main focus on high performance cooler bag and waterproof dry bags by welding technology.

Apart from bags, we provide a much wider selection for your outdoor experiences, whether it being more recreational like musical events, camping and sailing, or more adventurous like fishing, hunting and rafting. While staying outdoors for long hours, lasting power supply system is very important and critical for food, lighting, work and entertainment. 

In the power supply collection, we use the cells from CATL, which is best of the industry, to make portable batteries of top performance. Alongside with our compact solar panels, you can simply rest assured and enjoy outdoors more. 

Over the years, we have been workiong with well-known brands worldwide. We support customization for any designs. As a manufacturer with a mindset of ever-going development, we have a professional R&D team that helps to deliver your designs, from hand drawings to CAD works, to prototypes, and to final consumer products.

Best quality and customer service are the keys to our success. Our dedicated sales reps are working around the clock to give prompt reply and in-depth communications with each client that comes in contact. In Yuejia, we strive to deliver fine products with a value that exceeds its price. And we believe in a partnership that grows day by day as we collaborate. 

Thank you very much for visiting Yuejia. We look forward to working with you soon.

  • Years of experience working with brands
  • Customization support from ideas to final product
  • Professional communication and service
  • SOP based quality and performance guarantee

YueJia is a company focusing on outdoor gears and recreational equipments for a premium lifestyle


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Yuejia Sports Gear Co., Ltd

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